Day 27. Part 2 – Murphys at Ballyferriter


Michael recommended Murphys pub/restaurant and it was in the same style as the others I have enjoyed: predominantly brown furnishings, bar along one side with scattered tables and chairs, groups of families or friends in a relaxed social club atmosphere.

A pair of musicians arrived, one with a fiddle, the other with Uilleann pipes. The tone of the pipes, essentially a small bagpipe, combined well with the lively fiddle and it was possible to talk or sing at the same time as playing them. They would chat, practice and play mostly reels and jigs to the approval of other customers. Large plates of food were brought and I gained the impression that they would be livening up the evening later.

I had bought myself a draft beer and then spotted a long list of bottled beers hanging up behind the bar. They were from at least 6 different Kerry breweries. I always like trying local beers and keep my eyes open for them on draught but had not realised about the bottles until the barman, who enjoyed talking about the subject, told me that the numerous local microbreweries supplied bottles, rather than draught. A missed opportunity, perhaps, but I had found that most places had a Kerry beer on draught. I spotted a winter ale on the list, the first I had seen this year, and ordered it as a harbinger of warm beer in front of a country pub’s log fire. The winter ale was from the West Kerry Brewery and it was scrumptious!

Very warming.jpg

I fancied staying longer and before the trip I had imagined long nights in an Irish pub enjoying the music and atmosphere but, as usual, the large meal and couple of beers made bed seem more attractive and I ordered a taxi back. It was too dark to see much but the taxi driver was good company as usual.

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